About us

In a world of constant movement, we provide logistic solutions that put your mind at rest. While you remain still, we make sure things are moving forward.

Greencarrier Freight Services is a freight forwarding company that offers smart and sustainable logistic solutions and supply chain management services. From our offices in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China, we offer global logistic solutions. We use all modes of logistics including ocean, air, road and rail, and take care of your cargo from starting point to final destination.

Quality assurance and delivery precision are extremely important. But in order to truly create customised logistic solutions and services, you need to add that personal commitment. Our employees are the most dedicated professionals in the business, inspired by a genuine love of their work and equipped with a hefty serving of ambition.

Simply put: We are committed to providing the most superior logistic solutions – always served by heart.

Need help finding the best logistic solution for your needs?