Added Services

We optimise your goods flow.

In addition to our core solutions, we offer a variety of value-added services to optimise your goods flow. Our freight forwarding specialists are committed to making your global logistics run like clockwork. We are known for our customer-oriented and yes-it’s-possible approach. In order to meet the ever-changing logistics needs of our customers, we constantly develop and refine our services. We can help you with almost anything related to import and export. Flexibility, as well as seamless integration, is important in providing truly reliable and efficient services. Our value-added services help simplify your transport process and improve your supply chain. Here you will find useful information about our customs service and distribution centre, cargo tracking and e-solution tool as well as port logistics.

Customs Services

In a world of rigid processes, fixed networks and strict demands, it is not unusual that companies have to fit their needs into a template. In addition, the international trade and compliance landscape is constantly changing. But at Greencarrier Freight Services, we know smart customs solutions are not only about getting your goods through customs fast and easy. It is about looking at, and understanding, the bigger picture.

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Cargo Insurance

As a customer, you should be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a transport partner that takes care of your cargo in the best possible way. Just like with anything else in life, unpredictable things can happen also to your cargo. And when they do, it is good to have something to cushion the fall. At Greencarrier Freight Services, we are happy to help you with the insurance of your cargo and make sure you can sleep soundly at night.

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Distribution Centre

Taking care of storage and distribution is about more than just logistics. Above all, it is about being a reliable partner who is capable of helping its customers with all the various parts of the process. We have the warehouses, staff and administrative departments required to provide you with the best service. And while we carry out every step of the storage and distribution process, you can focus on your core business.

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Cargo track e-solution

Cargo Track & E-Solution Tool

Knowing where your cargo is at all times gives you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on other, more important, things. Whether you ship by ocean, air, road or rail, our Cargo Track & E-Solution Tool allows you to stay updated on the status of your consignment. You will never have to worry about where your cargo is during any time of the day - or night - for that matter. It is also an excellent tool for planning and managing your shipments with ultimate precision.

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Port Logistics

The seaports are key components of the global transport system. Greencarrier Freight Services is present with our own port terminals in Moss, Drammen, Larvik, Kristiansand and Bergen in Norway as well as via our partners in countries around the globe. Altogether, this provides a global network of opportunities for our customers with the ability to meet all types of international inquiries. As our facilities and staff are located in the port areas, there is always a short distance from ships to land-based logistics functions.

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In order to get fastest possible settlement we advise you to immediately report the claim to your cargo underwriter, the insurer that covers the consignment under separate cargo insurance. If such insurance do not exist we ask you to inform us.

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