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Customs Services

We simplify border crossings.

In a world of rigid processes, fixed networks and strict demands, it is not unusual that companies have to fit their needs into a template. In addition, the international trade and compliance landscape is constantly changing. But at Greencarrier Freight Services, we know smart customs solutions are not only about getting your goods through customs fast and easy. It is about looking at, and understanding, the bigger picture.

Ability to look at and understand customs from a larger perspective

As a comprehensive freight forwarder, we have the ability to look at customs from a larger perspective. With us, you can discuss not only customs, but also logistics. Only with an overall perspective and integrated approach, it is possible to create smart customs solutions.

Understanding the local rules as well as the challenges of global business

We develop customised solutions based on our customers’ needs and act as a knowledgeable guide to smooth and efficient customs solutions. Truly efficient customs solutions are sprung from years of experience and the willingness to put your mind to it. We have become customs experts and understand the local rules and regulations as well as the challenges of global business.

Knowing the pitfalls along the way to smart and efficient customs solutions

There can be many pitfalls when working with customs solutions, but we have walked these paths many times and know them well. We carefully navigate your company using projects tools that have been refined over many years and are proven in battle. The process includes pre-studies, calculations, application processes, project plans and IT knowledge as well as training and cost accounting.

Doing the math for you, providing the best solution for your company

Smart customs services can mean large savings for you company, but are never for free of course. However, as our customer, we always provide you with the facts without any additional charges. With a customer-focused mindset we look into what is best for your business. Based on our vast experience and know-how, we can analyse your specific situation, finding out which solution is the most cost-effective for your company. If there are any doubts we let you know at an early stage.

Local presence and willingness to invest

Sometimes, smart customs solutions require investments from both sides; yours and your customs partner’s. We have the willingness to invest in your project and the ability to make quick decisions. On top of that we have a widespread local presence, which enables us to meet our customers often, and really get to know them. This altogether means that you will never have to worry about project delays due to limited external investment budgets, global policies or business management in a distant land.

Handling and completing your Intrastat reports

Intrastat is a system for collecting information and producing statistics for trade in goods between countries in the EU. We can help you with the process of how, when and to which statistical bureau the Intrastat reports should be sent, as well as completing the reports for you.

Custom services

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