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Distribution Centre

We carry out every step of the storage and distribution process.

Taking care of storage and distribution is about more than just logistics. Above all, it is about being a reliable partner who is capable of helping its customers with all the various parts of the process. We have the warehouses, staff and administrative departments required to provide you with the best service. And while we carry out every step of the storage and distribution process, you can focus on your core business.

Skip the hard work and save yourself some time and money

Owning your own warehouses, hiring and training staff and shipping goods from your own facilities, is time-consuming and costs a lot of money. Letting an external partner process orders, pick and pack your goods, and ship your cargo, can maximise your efficiency with minimal cost. We offer open, closed, heated and bonded warehouses. We assemble your goods in any combination and have them professionally labelled and packaged before distributing them to your chosen destinations.

Carrying out sales orders directly from our distribution centres

We know that time is money and having short lead times when delivering goods, is critical to you. Our terminals serve not only as distribution points for your goods, we can also carry out sales orders directly from our distribution centres. Instead of importing and exporting your goods, we send your cargo directly to your customer. This is a very effective way of shortening lead times and avoiding unnecessary transportation.

Carrying out quality control checks and detect faulty products

When putting your cargo into someone else’s hands, you deserve the highest level of product care. We are dedicated to reducing your overall risk and have an expert team to carry out quality control checks. In the inspection process, we detect faulty products before your cargo reaches the destination.

Functioning as your single point of contact ensuring a smooth goods flow

As your partner, we take care of your cargo from beginning to end. From the moment you place your order with us, we will help you through every step of the process. We coordinate all activities in the supply chain and ensure that your goods are delivered as required – from registration to pick and pack, and distribution. We function as your single point of contact ensuring that both flow of goods and administration run smoothly and efficiently.

Making sure you get your goods fast and easy while contributing to the environment

We always strive to operate in the most possibly eco-friendly way. Instead of transporting goods from only one supplier at the time, we can do shipments of assorted cargo by transporting small lots of freight owned by different suppliers in one container. An optimal transport load does not only reduce costs and shorten delivery times, it also minimises your transport’s environmental impact and makes you part of a greener future.

Distribution center

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