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Port Logistics

We are your logistics partner on the quayside.

The seaports are key components of the global transport system. Greencarrier Freight Services is present with our own port terminals in Moss, Drammen, Larvik, Kristiansand and Bergen in Norway as well as via our partners in countries around the globe. Altogether, this provides a global network of opportunities for our customers with the ability to meet all types of international inquiries. As our facilities and staff are located in the port areas, there is always a short distance from ships to land-based logistics functions.

Loading and discharging of bulk loads, tankers and container vessels

Our agency departments undertake assignments for all types of vessels. We have a close relationship with large industrial suppliers and ship owners and operate as agents for the largest feeder companies. We offer loading and discharging of bulk loads, tankers and container vessels. Our quayside storage bases in our ports, provide direct access to container ships and marine vessels. We offer loading and discharge from both our own as well as our clients’ quays. To achieve the best possible turn-arounds of the vessels, we also provide all services related to stuffing, stripping, securing and packaging of goods in containers.

Container depots in all ports in Norway and experienced engineer teams onsite

We have container depots in all our ports in Norway and our dedicated staff have broad experience from terminal operations. Our teams of qualified service engineers make sure the shipping containers are in perfect condition, including repairs and maintenance, before they are loaded and shipped off.  We provide daily stock- and movement-reports, and always have the right equipment available at the right time.

Cross-docking solution that keeps your goods moving

We offer a cross-docking solution that keeps your goods moving. The storage time is greatly reduced, or completely eliminated, as the goods are distributed directly to the customer. The goods are received through an inbound dock, separated and mixed as required, and directly transferred to the outbound dock. If you transport, for example, temperature controlled goods, which need to be transported quickly, or already packaged and sorted products, this is a convenient solution. Our cross-docking solution reduces complexity in the supply chain and helps reduce handling times and distribution costs.

We function as your complete port logistics provider

One of the most important things in port logistics is the personal service. At Greencarrier Freight Services, our goal is to always put the customers first and solve their problems by providing customised solutions. We provide top class customer service 24/7 combined with flexible and reliable processes. It doesn’t matter if your consignments are small or large, or whatever needs you may have, we function as your complete port logistics provider.


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