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Ocean & Air Freight

A smart combination for both your wallet and watch

When speed and cost are equally important

Ocean and air freight is beneficial when lead time requirements do not demand pure air freight but oean freight alone takes too long time. The combination of ocean and air is a key alternative as it is a smart solution in terms of both time and cost.

Do you want to ship your goods in a fast and cost-efficient way?

The combination of ocean freight and air freight gives you shorter lead times than ocean freight alone and is cheaper than just air freight. By combining the two, you get your cargo to its destination on time, but at a highly competitive price. We provide ocean and air services from most ports in Asia and the Middle East on fixed schedules. We also have guaranteed space, ensuring reliability in your supply chain.

1. Minimised cost and footprint

Even if ocean freight alone is more cost-efficient and much kinder to the environment, the combination of ocean and air freight still means lower cost and less negative impact compared to just air freight.

2. Shorter lead times

As air freight alone is the best choice for urgent and time-sensitive deliveries, the actual combination of ocean and air freight provides shorter lead times than just ocean freight. The ocean and air combination is especially effective on routes with longer ocean transit times and you are more likely to keep your delivery deadlines.

3. Fexible supply chain

The ocean and air combination is a flexible solution for handling unexpected changes in the supply chain. Every shipment brings its own set of challenges and business delivery scenarios can change by the minute. With the combined ocean and air solution, it is possible to deviate from the more rigid process of pure ocean or air freight and avoid pre-arrival processes and unnecessary warehousing.

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