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Green Contribution

By Sofia Schultz, July 9, 2019
Last year Greencarrier Freight Services Norway initiative to find a solution to on one of today’s biggest challenges – emissions of plastic in the ocean.

Every minute around 15 tons of plastic end up in the ocean, polluting the environment and endangering wild life. Therefore Greencarrier wants to make a contribution towards cleaner oceans in the cities where we operate, in collaboration with our customers.

The Greencarrier Spirit project was to work together with our customer SpillTech and put so called PortBins in the Norwegian ports where we are present. The Port Bin is a floating machine that cleans the sea surface from plastics and other waste. So far we’ve put PortBin’s into the sea in Larvik and Kristiansand. Next up is Moss, this PortBin is now in production, and then we will follow up with Bergen and Stavanger (Sandnes).

This initiative is a collaboration between the customer, inventor and producer SpillTech, and Greencarrier, and it involves the ports (which handles the actual day to day management of the waste collectors) and all customers in Norway that has accepted to pay a small fee, a Green Contribution, per each invoice. All money from the Green Contribution goes into funding more PortBin’s and in the future other environmental projects.


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