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JAS acquires Greencarrier Freight Services (Supplier Information)

By Greencarrier Freight Services, August 18, 2021

Dear Supplier,

Please be advised that as of Aug. 6th, 2021 JAS Worldwide has acquired all activities currently handled by Greencarrier Freight Services, who until this date has been 100% subsidiary owned by Greencarrier AB.

Since 2017 Greencarrier Freight Services and JAS Worldwide has been working closely together under an exclusive agency agreement, and for Greencarrier Freight Services to become an even closer part of the JAS Worldwide family and network, the acquisition is a natural next step for both companies, in order to provide better, stronger and more sustainable solution for our customers.

Greencarrier Freight Services will remain as a separate legal entity after the acquisition by JAS World-wide until further notice. All existing contracts and agreements will continue as agreed, and all obliga-tions put forward to Greencarrier Freight Services will be honoured within the timeline of those contracts.

Suppliers holding a parent guarantee from Greencarrier AB will be contacted directly.

The management of Greencarrier Freight Services and the entire staff fully support the acquisition by JAS Worldwide, and look forward to our continuous growth and to development our business further together with all of our suppliers.

If you have any questions related to above, we kindly ask you to contact your local Greencarrier representative or the local country management.

The acquisition is subject to approval from relevant authorities.

For more information please visit www.jas.com

Gothenburg, August 18th, 2021.
Greencarrier Freight Services