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The Client responsibility law

By Sofia Schultz, July 4, 2018
The new interpretation of the Swedish law “Client responsibility” which initiates 2018-07-01, has certain impact in the supply chain.

The reason to this new interpretation is that authorities wants fair competition and more safety on the roads.

This  responsibility  reaches  one  level in the  supply  chain and  includes for  example  securing  permits,  economical situation and  law  compliance. This  means  that  we have the responsibility to  control  that the  supplier  we  use has valid and  correct  permits,  insurances and  that  they  are  following the  law. If the  supplier  hires a  subcontractor  then  he  will,  according to the  law,  take over this  responsibility.

The penalty for violence against this law is fine or prison in max. one year.