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Update Corona virus

By Sofia Schultz, February 5, 2020

Dear Customers,

As the situation with Corona virus is escalating and spreading we want to share status of the current situation. Greencarrier remain committed to the safety to our employees as top priority and implementing all guidelines and recommendation released from the government and authorities and at the same time continue to manage our day-to-day operations with minimal impact to our customer’s supply chains.

Due to this situation most of our offices throughout China will remaining closed until Feb.10. Greencarrier has however implemented a Home Office Plan, and will have staff working from home to reply urgent e-mails, phone calls and requests. We also ask for your kind understanding if any delay’s in responses.

Below is when our offices in mainland China and Hong Kong is planned to resume work,


Greencarrier OfficeHoliday untilOffie open
Hong Kong28.Jan29.Jan


Below is information we currently have about different transports modes. The information we collect and share is however subject to change.


Sea Freight

Ports throughout mainland China is up and running, except Wuhan port. Carriers are also accepting bookings, however carrier staff in most ports are still on holiday and will in most cases resume work on 10.Feb hence delay in booking processes are to be expected. Carriers are also advising blank sailings from China in February hence ocean capacity will reduce.

Trucking options to get cargo to and from terminals and CFS will also be a big challenge due to impact on extended holiday and lack of drivers. CFS terminals in many ports are closed for receiving cargo until 10.Feb.


Air Freight

Airports are still operating in China and Hong Kong, except for Wuhan which was closed on Jan.23. Airports are able to receive and process both import and export cargoes, however air freight capacity is decreasing due to increased numbers of airlines cancelling flights to mainland China. So far 62 airlines have cancelled flights to China. Full list to be found here:  https://www.businessinsider.com/airlines-canceling-changing-flights-to-china-amid-coronavirus-fears-2020-1

Some airlines are also cancelling and reducing capacity on Hong Kong. Hong Kong is also restricting the cross-border transportation with mainland China, leaving only the International Airport, Shenzhen Bay Border and Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge open. It is possible to move cargoes across the border in both directions, however due to restrictions there is expected delays.

Capacity and space is expected to remain low and rates expected to be on a high level throughout February, and even probably through first quarter, once factories opens up we expect there will be high pressure on capacity.


Trucking options to get cargo to and from airports will also be a big challenge due to impact on extended holiday and lack of drivers.

Customers are advised to review and forecast their air freight needs for the coming month and get in touch with local Greencarrier office as soon as possible.


Rail Freight

Rail departures and arrivals are expected to operate normally after extended holiday ends on 10.Feb, except for Wuhan, which will be closed until further. First train from China is expected to depart on 12.Feb. Trains are also permitted to depart and arrive in all locations, except Hubei province, as well as transit through countries between China and Europe. The space on outbound train is expected to be low throughout February. Trucking options to get cargo to and from rail hubs will also be a big challenge due to impact on extended holiday and lack of drivers.


Greencarrier has secured space on February departures from China and we expect our consolidation service as well as full container load service to run according to schedule, however due to expected demand we advise customers to get in touch with local Greencarrier office as soon as possible. Planning ahead to book space on rail departures as well as securing capacity of trucking service is essential.


General Recommendations

As factories are closed as well until the end of the extended holiday period we are expecting delays in production. Clients with production in China are therefore recommended to reach out to suppliers to understand production schedule and when cargo can be produced and ready for shipment. As soon as this has been done it is further recommended to assess when cargo is needed in destination. Greencarrier local offices are ready to assist to advise shipping solutions hence why we advise customers to reach out as soon as possible.


At Greencarrier group, we ensure the health and safety of all our employees and partners are a priority.

Greencarrier will continue to keep  a close eye on the development and keep updating about the situation.

If you have any further questions or needs we advise you to get in touch with your local Greencarrier office.