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Ocean & Air

A smart combination for both your watch and wallet.

The ocean & air combination is often used when lead time requirements are not demanding pure air freight, but ocean freight alone takes too long time. The combination of ocean and air is a key alternative as it is a smart solution due to both time and cost. With a full range of both ocean freight and air freight services, extensive knowledge of the market and an entirely independent position, we can create the perfect ocean & air combination for you.

The lower costs of ocean freight and the speed of air freight

Do you need a mode of transportation that is faster than ocean freight, but more economical than air freight? The combination of ocean freight and air freight gives you shorter lead times than ocean freight alone and is cheaper than just air freight. By combining the two, you get your cargo to its destination on time, but at a highly competitive price. We provide ocean & air services from most ports in Asia and the Middle East on fixed schedules. We also have guaranteed space, ensuring reliability in your supply chain.

We help you find the best ocean & air freight solution

We have in-house representatives or handpicked agents in all destinations. Our powerful IT-support provides clear communication throughout the shipping process and we follow your shipment the entire way from start to finish. Our staff will always offer you a wholehearted, commitment and dedicated service. This entails excellent shipping knowledge, great attentiveness to your goods and far-reaching expertise on the arrangements that best benefit you.

For more information on how we can support your international transportation needs, please contact your local Greencarrier representative.

Are you a first-time shipper? Don’t worry.

We help everyone from first-time shippers to regular importers and exporters. We function as your advisory partner, share our knowledge and give you advice about restrictions and standards for volume, weight and packaging as well as temperature checks.

icon-thumbsupValue-added services for ocean & air freight

Ocean and Air

In addition to our core solutions, we offer a variety of value-added services to optimise your goods flow. Our freight forwarding specialists are committed to making your global logistics run like clockwork.

Advantages with Ocean & Air

Minimised costs and footprint

With the combination of ocean feight and air freight, you will benefit from the lower costs of ocean freight. Even if ocean freight alone is much kinder to the environment than pure air freight, the combination of them both means less negative impact on the environment compared to just air freight. A combined ocean and air solution minimises the ecological footprint of transportation compared to air freight.

Shorter lead times

As air freight is the shipping method of choice for urgent and time-sensitive deliveries, the actual combination of ocean freight and air freight provides shorter lead times than ocean freight alone. The ocean and air combination is especially effective on routes with longer ocean transit times and you are more likely to keep your delivery deadlines.

Fexibility in the supply chain

The ocean and air combination is a flexible solution for handling unexpected changes in the supply chain. Every shipment brings its own set of challenges and business delivery scenarios can change by the minute. With the combined ocean and air solution, it is possible to deviate from the more rigid process of pure ocean or air freight, avoiding pre-arrival processes and unnecessary warehousing.

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