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Right on track with green and reliable rail freight.

Rail-based solutions offer great flexibility in both pricing and time, not to mention the environmental benefits. Compared to ocean and road, it is greatly dependable with high speed over long distances and is well organised with fixed routes and schedules. With a green and reliable rail-based service across Europe and Asia, extensive knowledge of the market and an entirely independent position, we can offer the perfect rail freight solution for you.

Container train solution between China and Europe

The starting point for our container train solution is well located in the northern part of Suzhou New District. It is crossed by many highways, the Suzhou External Ring Road, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway. Suzhou is located close to the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Pudong International Airport – right at the centre of sea, air and railway transportation. The train route between Suzhou and Warsaw starts from our hub at the West Railway Freight Station in Suzhou and goes via the border crossing in Manzhouli and continues through Russia and Belarus, and arrives at Warsaw in Poland.

Intermodal solution with weekly departures

From our hub in Suzhou, we are offering weekly departures, both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL), to Warsaw with only 14 days transit time. The container types used for the train transports are 20’DV, 40’DV and 40’HQ. The trains are equipped with GPS devices and we provide our customers with daily information of the container position. The goods are collected by truck at the terminal in Warsaw and transported to the final destinations in Europe and this is handled by our own Greencarrier office in Warsaw. Our extended road network covers all northern Europe and makes the on-carriage fast and reliable. We also offer pre- and on-carriage by feeder from China to South Korea and Japan, and the other way around.

We are happy to find the best rail freight solution for you

We have in-house representatives or handpicked agents in all destinations. Our powerful IT-support provides clear communication throughout the shipping process and we follow your shipment the entire way from start to finish. Our staff will always offer you a wholehearted, commitment and dedicated service. This entails excellent shipping knowledge, great attentiveness to your goods and far-reaching expertise on the arrangements that best benefit you.

For more information on how we can support your international transportation needs, please contact your local Greencarrier representative.

Are you a first-time shipper? Don’t worry.

We help everyone from first-time shippers to regular importers and exporters. We function as your advisory partner, share our knowledge and give you advice about restrictions and standards for volume, weight and packaging as well as temperature checks.

icon-thumbsupValue-added services for rail freight

Eco-friendly train

In addition to our core solutions, we offer a variety of value-added services to optimise your goods flow. Our freight forwarding specialists are committed to making your global logistics run like clockwork.

Advantages with Rail

A great eco-alternative

Rail-based transport should be seen as an alternative to the more traditional transport modes because it is a much better choice from an environmental point of view compared with air freight and the combination of sea and air. In addition, the lead times are much shorter than ocean freight, and the cost is lower than air freight.

Reduced exhausd emissions

The major environmental advantage of rail is the reduction of exhaust emissions. Our entire railway route is electrified and mainly supplied by hydroelectric power plants. Comparing the transit times and CO2 emissions of different transport modes for the distance between Suzhou and Warsaw, it is clear that our container train solution is a great option.

Highly reliable transport

Comparing rail to pure ocean freight and combined sea and air freight, there is also the reliability factor to consider. Ocean transports from China to northern Europe usually takes about 40 to 50 days. With our rail-based solution, you eliminate the long transit time by ocean, which minimises the risk of sudden delays caused by bad weather conditions or congestions in the ports.

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