We carry a green ambition

Sustainability means providing what is needed for our planet to continue to exist. It is a matter of taking responsibility for each other and ourselves.

By preserving, loving and caring for the beauty of our planet, we can create a brighter future for every world citizen. For our planet, with everything that is in it, to sustain – and even flourish – we simply must act in a sustainable way. To Greencarrier Freight Services, this is a matter of course and a privilege.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Greencarrier Spirit

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be referred to as how companies manage their business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. But to us, CSR is about more than just business. It is an entire philosophy. We call it: The Greencarrier Spirit. The Greencarrier Spirit influences everything we do, every day, with the aim to act in a sustainable way over the long-term. Our philosophy is spun out of the UN’s Global Compact, which provides guidelines for ethical business based on human rights, employment rights, environmental awareness and anti-corruption.

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The mothership of all our activities

The environment is an integral and essential part of our sustainability work. In a way, it is the mothership of all Greencarrier Group activities. As a mothership carries and leads other smaller vehicles, the environment carries and leads our business in the right direction and towards the right decisions. Our ambition is to be the frontrunner in the transport industry; a competent partner who provides eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transport solutions. Our environmental responsibility includes caring for the environment across all levels of our organisation.

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