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CSR projects

The CSR projects our hearts pound a little extra for.

Over the years, our employees have passionately turned the money from The Greencarrier Spirit Fund money into several successful and rewarding projects. Here are some examples of what we do at Greencarrier Freight Service.


Taking part in a mentor programme to help people enter the Swedish labour market

We collaborate with Mitt Liv (My Life) in Gothenburg, Sweden where three of our staff members are proud mentors of a programme that helps people with foreign background enter the Swedish labour market. The programme involves meetings, seminars and training opportunities as well as practising of the Swedish language or discussing day-to-day challenges. So far, we have helped two mentees to new jobs relevant to their education. To us, this is really important, as we believe in diversity and inclusion across all aspects of, not only our business, but in society in general.


Shipment of shoes to the Sherpas to take responsibility for the world we live in

In October 2014, we sponsored an air freight shipment for Haglöfs, a supplier of outdoor equipment, to Kathmandu in Nepal. Haglöfs had together with the Swedish adventurer Ola Skinnarmo gone into a project to supply the Sherpas with 250 pairs of shoes. The Sherpas help visitors reach their destination climbing the mountains, taking the lead and carrying all the equipment. Their working conditions are really tough and proper footwear is a fundamental thing in that environment. By helping the Sherpas, we do not only transport goods, but take responsibility for the world we live in.


Volunteering and economical support to help victims in disaster areas

When catastrophes appear around the world, we donate money to the Red Cross and their work to help the victims in these disaster areas. For example, in 2013, we donated money to help the victims in the typhoon catastrophe in the Philippines where thousands of people lost their lives and even more lost their homes. Staff in Helsinki also volunteered to raise money. Another example is when we in 2014 supported with money for food parcels to families in Syria. Volunteering and giving economical support is one way for us to show that we are not only citizens of society, but of the world. Together we take a global corporate responsibility.

Drottning silvias barnsjukhus

Charity golf to raise money for Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital

Greencarrier is involved in Barngolfen (The Children’s Golf), which is the largest charity golf in the Nordic countries with a fundraising purpose for the children’s hospital, Drottning Silvias Barnsjukhus in Sweden. The money raised is used for making life easier for the children and to foster the recovery by creating a healing environment and meaningful moments. In 2014, the golf tournament raised 2.2 MSEK, which is the largest fundraising amount in the history for Barngolfen. We are very proud to be a part of the golf tournament and to help these children, who often spend periods of long times in the hospital.

Cleaning the beaches together on Po Toi Island

Together with the Swedish Chamber of commerce in Hong Kong we organised a beach cleaning day. We gathered our office staff, customers, friends and others and spent the entire day cleaning the beaches. It was a great opportunity to do something locally in our own community, especially because Hong Kong has a high environmental awareness.
The project corresponds well to the Greencarrier Spirit, which focuses on the environment, involving ourselves in projects (not only making donations), connecting to the local countries where we’re present and working with business related issues, including long term commitments.


Funding heart surgeries of poor children in China to give them a future

In Shanghai, China, we support Heart-to-Heart, which is an organisation that helps fund heart surgeries for children who come from very poor families. Many families in rural China are not fully covered by medical benefits and are unable to raise the money for the operation for their child. So far we have helped two children with their surgeries. This is very important to us as the future of these children highly rely on financial resources.


Collecting money for every child’s right to participate in sports

The foundation Idrott för alla (Sports for all) collects money to provide a meaningful leisure time for children in Skellefteå, Sweden. We believe that money should never be a barrier for children to participate in sports. We are social creatures who need to feel that we have others we can connect and share commonalities with. Participating in sports is one way of doing that. By supporting the foundation, we give these children a chance to feel that they are part of a community, and have the right to be, just like everyone else.


Aid shipment to Ghana to support a vocational school for girls

Greencarrier in Skellefteå, Sweden is involved in a Rotary Club in Umeå called UCFFRK. For 19 years, they have supported the village Awisa-Apaaso in Ghana with equipment to a vocational school for girls such as school uniforms and material for the finalisation of a school library. As part of the project, we handled a container shipment filled with various items including clothes, TVs, copying machines, children’s toys, a table tennis table, plastic chairs, learning materials and shoes. All items were donated by the members of the Rotary Club and other local organisations in Umeå. Our hope is to contribute with not only our money, but also our knowledge, now and in the future, based on a long-term commitment.

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