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Being green and caring for the planet is a natural part of our business and operations.

The environment is an integral and essential part of our sustainability work. In a way, it is the DNA of all our activities. The environment carries and leads our business in the right direction and towards the right decisions. Our ambition is to be the frontrunner in the logistics industry; a competent partner who provides environmentally smart alternatives to traditional logistics solutions. Our environmental responsibility includes caring for the environment across all levels of our organization. Greencarrier Freight Services is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 certified company in all our offices and is an integrated part of our daily work and actions. Knowledge, influence and emissions are important for us and we think that through knowledge we can influence and cut emissions. All links in a supply chain are connected and impact each other either directly or indirectly. It is our firm belief that understanding our clients’ supply chain as a whole is key in bringing insight in how cargo is transported in the most sustainable manner. We think that we can affect the emissions by looking at the most efficient way from each client´s unique perspective to transport from point A to B. That requires a lot of knowledge from our employees as well as from our suppliers, but in the end, this will make all the difference. Our employees have all the competence needed in order for us to give our client the personalized solution that they require. We only work with selected and evaluated suppliers. Together we will cut emissions and in the long run be fossil free.

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